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The Takeaway Bin by Toni Mirosevich Pink Harvest by Toni Mirosevich Queer Street by Toni Mirosevich The Rooms We Make Our Own by Toni Mirosevich My Oblique Strategies by Toni Mirosevich Trio by Toni Mirosevich, Charlotte Muse, and Edward Smallfield

The Takeaway Bin

With wit and canny wordplay, Toni Mirosevich eviscerates linguistic bromides, delivering poems that consistently surprise. A high-octane critique of contemporary culture emerges from her fearless take on the oddments and phrasing of idiomatic American discourse. In long-lined sonnets and jazzy improvisations, the speaker juggles a mix of colloquial and formal diction, learned and popular referents.
Winning titles "Lie or Lay," "Lucky Stiff," "Old and In The Way," may charm, but this poet knows "Our worst impulse has yet to be discovered." A provocative intelligence powers these sizzling lyrics.
Robin Becker, Author of Domain of Perfect Affection
What a playful, incisive attitude The Takeaway Bin conveys. Our rituals of frailty and justification are wittily revealed. Since we are prone to "repeating the same folly again and again / We might as well turn up the volume, / and emphasize the obvious." We hear phrases we know but begin to understand them differently, we see aspects of our lives we recognize, but learn to conceive of them in new ways. Toni Mirosevich knows, "If our interest goes below the surface plane then love will grow." Like the goodies we find in a takeaway bin, these poems enticingly display what is too often carelessly tossed off by others.
Camille Dungy, Author of Suck on the Marrow and Smith Blue