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The Takeaway Bin by Toni Mirosevich Pink Harvest by Toni Mirosevich Queer Street by Toni Mirosevich The Rooms We Make Our Own by Toni Mirosevich My Oblique Strategies by Toni Mirosevich Trio by Toni Mirosevich, Charlotte Muse, and Edward Smallfield

Queer Street

Toni Mirosevich is a poet of social conscience. She is a poe who acknowledges that it will be strange always to be who we are, strange always to assert ourselves., with all our self awareness and difference, into the world. Queer Street not only tolerates our difference, but celebrates it.
— Ralph Angel, author of Exceptions and Melancholies: Poems 1986-2006
Toni Mirosevich is a seer. She sees into those old-fashioned things, the human heart and soul, making memory and moment visible in places where we often don’t bother to look. In reading these neighborhood tales turned testament, one feels reassured that compassion is alive and well and even ‘the pint-sized kingpin’ across the street awaits our attention.
— Nona Caspers, author of Heavier Than Air